Digital art exhibition – Under Construction


The exhibition Under Construction

The event

Under Construction was the first of a series of open exhibitions curated by CCC on our newly built webpage. The aim was to celebrate and reveal the urban spaces we love by turning them into common cultural platforms och meeting places.

Under Construction was a part of Kulturnatt Stockholm and was launched on April 18th, at 18h. Since then we have received some new exciting contributions from different artists. We revealed our complete “Under Construction” exhibition on May 16th at 18h and the complete exhibition lasted until July 19th.

Inspired by the 90 year old bridge quietly witnessing the development of the city, Under construction aimed to reflect on current transformations in our society: people’s way of life, our built and ecological environment. The exhibition was made possible by a collaboration with artists that showcased art pieces linked to or inspired by the theme.

Under Construction was orginaly planned as a fysical event but due to the current situation with covid-19 it instead became a digital exhibition.