Urban Karaoke


The Urban karaoke event

The History

The first cultural activity Culture Creates Community carried out under the Traneberg bridge was the Urban Karaoke event. Inspired by the outdoor karaoke in Mauerpark in Berlin we decided to try the concept and invite local citizens and actors to arrange it with us. The karaoke sessions were combined with a small art exhibition and free fika (thé, coffee and cookies) for all.


Urban karaoke, under Traneberg bridge, Stockholm.
Photo: Ann Dahlberg

Karaoke – a great activity to make strangers meet and to create community.”

Culture Creates Community

Karaoke is a wonderful way of gathering people and creating a community – powered by the joy of music, singing and performing – the activity spreads energy and creativity, and makes people connect. When you are hanging out at a karaoke place there is always something fun to talk about with your fellow bar mate – and when you are in the queue waiting for your turn there’s that tingling feeling of excitement in your gut. All around the world people are gathering to grab the mic, sing-a-long and meet new people. Anyone can sing karaoke and share the musical experience with strangers. That’s what makes it such a good activity to create community around.

In Mauerpark in Berlin an initiative called Bearpit karaoke started in 2009. It is a joyful Sunday hang out activity that works great together with the ongoing flea-market. In the summertime hundreds of people gather to have fun and enjoy their 15 minutes of fame in the old amphitheater. The audience engages and often sings along with the performer, creating an atmosphere of belonging. Participating in one of these joyful events 2017 inspired one of the members of Culture Creates Community (CCC) to take this urban karaoke experience to Sweden.

In September 2019 CCC carried out their first culture activities under Traneberg bridge. To tryout the concept of urban karaoke under the bridge was a given. The great acoustics in the mighty outdoor rooms reminds you of being in a church. The karaoke sessions were combined with a small art exhibition and free fika (thé, coffee and cookies) for all. Local citizens, a youth house and people from The Red Cross came to participated in the events. After decorating the place they sang and enjoyed fika together. A new adventure had begun for the 90 year old bridge…and more exciting encounters are yet to come!

Source: https://www.berlin.de/en/news/5704688-5559700-no-more-bearpit-karaoke-in-mauerpark.en.html